Yenji™ Red Reindeer Girl Kit

Why Buy?

  • This set has all the materials and tools required for you to craft Yenji™ Step-By-Step: Red Reindeer Girl.
  • Set includes:
Item Quantity
Red Air Dry Clay 100g
Skin Air Dry Clay 200g
Green Air Dry Clay 100g
Light Green Air Dry Clay 130g
Dark Brown Air Dry Clay 50g
Brown Air Dry Clay 50g
Black Air Dry Clay 20g
White Air Dry Clay 50g
Wooden Block 1
Rolling Pin 1
Plastic Sheets 1
Glue 1
Cream 1
Soft Wire (Thick) 1
Soft Wire (Thin) 1 lot
Wire No.30 1 lot
Wire No.32 1 lot
      *Actual product colors may slightly vary from image.


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