Benefits of Air Dry Clay

May 27, 2019

Benefits of Air Dry Clay

 Air dry clay can be used for a variety of projects and is very common for young beginners’ craft projects. This type of clay is relatively easy to handle and a little bit easier to manipulate because of its spongy composition compared to other types out there. This makes it especially suitable for kids whose hands are not as strong. 

Some of the benefits of Air Dry Clay are:

  • No baking required - Hardens in room temperature and does not crack.
  • Soft and stretchy while crafting, becomes hard and slightly spongy when dry.
  • Much easier to craft and manipulate especially for kids.
  • Can be mixed to get different color shades.
  • Made of high quality, non-toxic and environmental friendly food grade materials. Suitable for kids age above 3 years old.
  • Able to mix with other medias such as watercolor, oil paint, acrylic paint, nail polish and more.
  • Can be seal with glaze to make it more resistance to water.
  • Can be used to craft clay figurines, decorative items, fashion accessories and many more.
  • Shelf life can be increased if stored in fresh containers.

Yenji carries only the finest quality of air dry clay. No matter what your skill level and the types of projects you’re planning, Yenji™ Air Dry Clay will be an excellent choice for you!